Reinvention – Do It Daily

Reinvention.  If you stop to think about it – we each reinvent ourselves daily. When your eyes open in the morning, you instantly begin making choices about how you will start anew.  I’ve been beyond blessed to reinvent my daily schedule upon my “retirement.” (I still giggle at that word a little.) Extra time with family.  Being with people who are sick or in crisis.  Pouring myself into my children’s activities in ways I couldn’t from a corporate office.  Lunch time walks with neighbors.  Baking muffins. Getting eight hours of sleep. Doing yoga. Cleaning closets (long overdue).

I’ve also had the luxury of deliberate professional reinvention.  It didn’t take long to realize I enjoy sharing my public relations and communications skills with people I like on causes in which I believe.  Cue the beginning of KRF Public Relations.  You are here so you have found my website at and are catching a glimpse of my new world.  Amazing clients who value my experience and are truly friends are already keeping me busy.  There’s nothing like getting a hug at the end of a meeting!  I’m into a rhythm, perhaps finally getting a taste of that elusive goal called “work-life balance.” Recently my daughter observed, “You’re living your best life, aren’t you?”  I am indeed – isn’t that what reinvention is all about?  What are you doing to reinvent?

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