Hype your Hygge!

As February comes to an end, I am fascinated with the concept of hygge (pronounced HOO-ga).  This is a defining characteristic of the Danish culture and refers to a quality of coziness and comfortable friendliness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.  As we move into brighter days with vaccines rolling out and spring on the horizon, I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on what can make one feel cozy.

Here’s a list that spans both personal and professional.

  • Warm-inside feeling of a job well done. For me, this month it was media training farmers. Done via zoom with amazing tech support, everyone was engaged and our time together helped them learn more about preparing and making the most of their media moments.
  • Snuggly slippers and a fireplace. I can thank my sister-in-law for encouraging me to use my fireplace in my den/office. Lots of inspiration came as I was in my slippers working away with the crackling fire behind me on those snowy days.
  • Cheery confidence. I love helping people tell their stories and build their confidence. These early days of the year included helping amazing professionals be ready with their resumes, introductions and social media presence for that next opportunity. Is your story ready to go?
  • Fire of advocacy. As part of my efforts to help every child have a home, I took place in a peaceful demonstration at the Indiana Statehouse. It was FREEZING outside, but I was warmed by joining with others to give a voice to those unheard – yet most impacted – by pending laws at the Statehouse that unfairly impact renters. (Google Indiana Senate Bill 148 to see what I’m talking about.) What has you fired up?
  • Cozy conversations. From visiting my parents on the farm and tromping with them in the snow, to chats with neighbors and fellow parents of the Class of 2021 – conversations are our connectors. The cozy feeling of catching up and sharing a few moments is one I cherish. Keep those conversations coming!

Hopefully the snow is done, and we can look forward to the fresh feeling of spring. As we move into March, may you hang on to – and hype – your hygge!