Give Yourself a High Five for Confidence

“I never would have done this three years ago,” my teenage son said with a grin as we drove back in the driveway. We had zipped over to a nearby restaurant for him to order and grab some takeout food before my husband and I left for a dinner event. I had passed him cash and told him I’d stay in the car to finish an email.  He is absolutely right that just a few years back, it would have been too far outside his comfort zone for me to suggest this act. His self-awareness about growth and confidence impressed me and made me think about the importance of celebrating progress.  Instead of me saying “oh you are all grown up” as fleeting banter, applauding his realization and articulation of his own growth was much more powerful. Yes, a lot happens in a child developmentally between 12 and 15, but adults can also benefit from self-acknowledgement. No matter your age, recognizing growth in confidence is important. Saying “I can’t” to a volunteer spot that won’t give you joy. Consistently remaining calm when that person tries to push your buttons. Standing up for the underdog.  We can be so hard on ourselves; we forget the little victories along the way.  Give yourself some credit for your good work of climbing the hill, no matter how small it may seem at the time.  You never know when the top of that knoll could give you a view of the next one to march toward. That’s worth a high five (and maybe a hug from your mom.)

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