10 Things to Do and Not Do in March 2020 – And Other Language Observations

Fluid situations.  Abundance of Caution. Social Distancing.  I’m a communicator, not a health expert, so my professional contributions during this public health crisis are limited to observations about the language emerging in our vernacular and communications behavior.  These are unusual times, and I offer up here two lists in the hope they bring a smile to your face and/or a thought to consider as you approach each day.

10 Things to Do When You are Socially Distancing

  1. Walk in the sunshine
  2. Clean a closet or the junk drawer
  3. Write a letter
  4. Read a book set in the time period of WWII (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is an excellent epistolary)
  5. Learn a new word – do you know what an epistolary is?
  6. Start a joy journal – who or what made you smile today?
  7. Catch up on your sleep – take THAT Daylight-Saving Time!
  8. Plan your spring plantings – a pot, a patch, a garden
  9. Donate to a group helping the homeless – my favorite is Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis
  10. Say a prayer for those making tough decisions, living with disappointment and navigating choices for their company, organization, congregation and/or family. (Wait, that’s ALL of us!)

10 Things to NOT Do when You are Socially Distancing

  1. Look too much at your 401K
  2. Hoard toilet paper (seriously.)
  3. Spend all day on social media
  4. Panic OR minimize the current situation
  5. Make fun of people
  6. Over snack
  7. Waste this time with your kids
  8. Cast blame
  9. Sulk
  10. Lose sight of what really matters

Any of these resonate with you, blog readers? (Bots need not reply).

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